New Year – Same God

Hello everyone! It is a new year – 2017! Are y’all as excited for this new adventure as I am? I am extremely excited to see where God is going to take me this year! The things God can do never ceases to amaze me! 


But, even in 2017, God is still God! He is the same God, and nothing at all will change that! He will continue to be the same God that came and died for us on the cross 50 days before the day of Pentecost! He died at the end of passover!


I already know that God will be doing amazing things in 2017! I hope He impacts everyone greatly this year! Thank You all for reading! I will try to update again as soon as possible! Y’all are awesome!

“Once saved Always saved!”

“Once saved Always saved!” What an interesting statement. Many Christian churches teach this today… But is it true?? There are no scriptures from the Bible that back this up…
Well, where is backsliding supported in the Bible?

SATAN WAS A BACKSLIDING ANGEL!! Boom… I just dropped a bomb on all of you!

Satan was the top angel… Him, along with 1/3 of the other angels in Heaven, backslid! They lost their eternal position in Heaven because Lucifer became greedy and those angels followed him! They gave all of that up….

“If you lost your salvation, you were never truly saved in the first place!” Not true. Lucifer was the TOP angel who burns for eternity… If God’s favorite can turn against Him when he was once loyal and faithful, so can we!


Hey y’all! Thought I’d give y’all an update although I haven’t had a chance to post my study (it’s so long, and I need my computer to post it; I’m on my phone doing this!). I was baptized in Father’s Day in Jesus Name; I spoke in Tongues, and my parents were actually praying… My mom, I think, is starting to try to get back in church, but I’m not too sure about my dad! My family has had its issues like any other family, but we are pulling through! I’m getting to go to the UPCI Camp Meeting with my aunt and uncle in Jackson in about2 weeks, can’t wait for that!! I have been working on a Bible Study that I plan to post later! I have been doing Bible Studies with my friend, Marlaina, a lot lately….! I hope I can make a change in her life…. I’ve also been talking to another friend of mind (a backslider); I hope I can help her out as well! The Holy Spirit has been using me for incredible things lately! Super excited for what God is gonna do with next! That’s about all for this post; see y’all later! Feel free to leave comments… Hope you enjoy!


Why I Made the Decision to be Apostolic Pentecostal

It is somewhat difficult in this day and age as an Apostolic Pentecostal. This is mostly because the modern world is so different than it should be, and the amount of temptation has greatly increased. I am a teenager, so I would definitely consider it difficult for me to turn down the temptation; I have many things going on, and saying no to temptation is hard. However, I chose to be Apostolic Pentecostal. I was not raised in the Apostolic Pentecostal church; I wasn’t raised following standards of the UPCI; I wasn’t raised believing like a Pentecostal, but I chose to be Apostolic at the age of 12. No person on this Earth made that decision for me; I made that decision for myself. When I was 12 years of age, my mom and I started going to a Pentecostal church. At this time, I was very ignorant of my own beliefs; I grew up Baptist, and I have been out of church for 3 years before going back to church and I am going to a Pentecostal church; what do I believe? I began asking questions about what Pentecostals believe, and my journey began.

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